As of 10/2/2012, TextBlast is currently down for maintenance. Unfortunately some recent users have abused the service and caused the phone number to be flagged as 'spam.' We are working on getting things back up and running and appreciate your patience.
Text Blast is a free application that allows community groups to communicate with their followers using mass text messages. Similar to a mailing list, Text Blast lets you create groups of cell phone numbers and send a message to all of them at once, looping in members of your community who do not have or do not use email, and being a more immediate means of communication for those who do.

For example:
To 107 Recipients: Reminder: The Frankford Civic Association is meeting at 7pm tonight at Aria Hospital -- See you there! about a minute ago

How it works
  • Register a user account
  • Create a group, e.g. Frankford Civic Association (you can have multiple groups in your account)
  • Add recipient phone numbers to your group. Alternatively, tell people to subscribe themselves (e.g. "Text fca to (215) 987-5414 to subscribe")
  • Blast a text message to the whole group or individually, and see the replies as they come in!